Tryna make some cool cash online ?? I just made you a list if 10 top PayPal games that pays real money you can cash out via PayPal, but first things first, welcome to ogareview…
Well in this one whole of a technologically advanced world, it’d be a shame to ignore making money in the comfort of your home, not to talk of making money by playing games ! Dude!! No one should sleep on that you know.

There are tons of ‘making money playing games’ apps littered around the internet and playstores, and a whole chunk of them are shams and a waste of time and effort. But trust me, there are a bunch of legit cash earning game apps too.

For instance, On a scale of 10, I will give myself an 8/10 that you’ve sure heard of the Toluna influencers, but didn’t know you could earn by playing games too on the platform. Got ya, didn’t i? Enough of the trifle talks though, let’s get on this plane of discovering stress free financial freedom. Strap your seatbelts and
Prepare for the takeoff !!

Well before then, I’d like to give y’all a little disclaimer ; THIS WON’T MAKE YOU A MILLIONAIRE ‘. But if you can spend a couple hours playing candy crush or train bolts, I’m sure you do love to earn a couple bucks for the shawarma or ice cream, or even to buy a lil household utensil, so I must say, it’s worth the time.


Paypal games to earn real money online

well, swagbucks is undoubtably one of the most popular money making platform on the internet, known for their legitimacy too.
This platform been running for a couple of years and ain’t showing symptoms of disappearing into oblivion anytime soon. What more? They offer a $5 dollar bonus for sign up, damn!! also, they offer you a whooping 10% bonus of every person you refer to the platform, now that’s some cool deal you know😉.

Making money on swagbucks is not only limited to playing games though, there are bunch of tasks you can carry out to earn extra cash on the platform, surveys, getting cash backs for purchases made via swagbucks. Minimum withdrawal is $25.
SIGN UP TODAY, Payment is made through PayPal, undoubtedly one of the stress free online cash transfer app.


MYPOINTS is another lucrative platform anyone seeking to make cool cash online shouldn’t sleep on. The platform offers its users cash backs on purchases made through them, which is mainly its money earning means but you could also play a couple of games to top up for quicker withdrawals.

Like swagbucks, they also offer a ten percent bonus from the user of any account you refer. but as you know, your earning rate via that method will depend on how much your referral uses the platform,so I must say you shouldn’t put the most pressure on that earning way.
Also, watching videos and taking genuine surveys are other earning options available.
MYPOINTS pay via PayPal too and instantly.
Cash withdrawal minimum- $20


Notably known as one of the most paying survey sites out there, a lot of people are sleeping on the ‘earn money playing games’ option.
The platform is the 2nd highest paying survey platform on the net at the moment, coming only after swagbucks.

But did you know you can earn PayPal money playing games too? Guess you didn’t, now you do. Although there are lots of games options on the site, as it ain’t the main purpose of it, the ones available ain’t disappointing trust me.
Games options ranges from basketball to Motorsport, skydiving, etc. sounds interesting doesn’t it? Below is a screenshot from a game on the website .

Toluna influencers for paypal games that pays real money online
There is also a frequency of new incoming games so you’re sure not to get stucked to a pretty boring, annoying one. So why not SIGN UP FOR TOLUNA INFLUENCERS right now?


a dollar for referral, two dollar when your referral completes their first task, five dollar when they make their first earning cash out, $4 when the…and the goodies of earning on fushioncash keeps rolling out.
Legit? Yeah! Legit.. it’s one of the quickest cash earning platform out there sweetheart, (personally used it to earn a couple bucks for textbooks at high school) legit to the core and pays in less than 5minutes to your PayPal account when you’ve reached withdrawal minimum and made your deposit
Cash out limit: $25 (twenty five dollars).


Fushioncash has both web and app options , and it’s really solid option for earning bucks is by watching videos. Nevertheless, playing games too can make your reaching cash limit on a faster pace. Referral ain’t another method you should ignore too.


As the name implies, lucktastic is a fun way of making money a couple dollar trying your luck on a spin, you can call it a safe gamble if you wish to, since it’s got no risk as you wouldn’t be needing to place any money of your own on it.

Well you probably thinking, why is this on a list of money making games? Well I actually feel it’s safe to assume g.ambling is a game too right? And like all money placing games, there are couple of users who had made thousands on the platform and those who have made nothing.

How it works? The site gives u digital scratch cards and if your scratching gets you a price, kudos ! Doesn’t? Your luck.
So if you feel lucktastic is worth an hour of leisure time, you could sign up by Clicking here.
Cash limit: $5


They really quick? Well yeah. But oops, there ain’t no sign up reward. Don’t be disheartened though, you get 5% of your referral’s earning for life, but that’s just the icing of quickreward’s cake.

Guess what, cash out limit is $0.01 !! No dude, I ain’t bluffing. Now this getting interesting right? I’m pretty sure so,haha.
Quick reward’s main earning focus is on surveys, I.e users earn when they successfully completed a survey they were eligible for.but that’s not all about the platform sweet. There are whole loads of other methods, including why you are on this page, earning dollars by playing games.


There are over 40 different methods to earn on the app.
The bad news is, it’s available only to users based in UK, Canada and the United States of America.
The good news is, VPNs got you! Don’t dull hun, make a couple bucks today on by signing up and playing smart.


Mistplay is kind of a test ground for game developers, but you can earn some ice cream cash on it.
These developers release brand new games for mistplay users to test its performance and rate of mind captivation .

Mistplay, for earning money playing games
As a user , you’d be given a list of game options to chose,then earn money playing it. On the other hand, the developers uses the rate of interest of the users on his/her product to rate its market standard.
So this is the perfect PayPal game that pays real money as the game is entirely targeted at people looking out to earn bucks playing online games.
Earning rate also depends on the duration of the user playing the game, and what level they reached so far.


Now this an interesting one, a bit confusing so Imma explain how it works in details.
Firstly, you download the app(of course), open a savings account via it which gives you access to a chunk of games which, if you win, rewards get transferred to the account.

Earn PayPal money online via long game
This implies that, the more you save, the more it attracts other rewards which boost your earning and gives you a quite fair and passive income.
Although not instantly, these app also pays asap to your PayPal account when you’ve reached its cash out limit.
Talking about cash out though, we’ve got you a platform with its exact name, a wholly legit one too! So.


cashout, like our aforementioned apps, let’s you earn money completing surveys and installing random apps too. But that ain’t the only method sweetheart.

Earn paypal money playing games on cashout
There are also a range of games you could play to make money,even some popular games y’all got on your phone like the solitaire or snake.
Cashout pays in less than 3working days and is quite an option for earning extra cash online.paid into your PayPal account.


ouch! It’s got no sign up bonus, but two dollar ain’t bad for a referral, is it??

Well dabbl is an app you should consider if you’ve got a thing for making a lil capital online. They’ve got a focus on trivia games, quizzes and all, and that’s something that always got me stucked (I’m a nerd, you see 😉).

Make money playing games on dabble, cashout via paypal
Cash out limit is $5, so you see, it won’t be taking donkey years to get the money for a bit of effort

Other PayPal games that pay real ones includes bubble burst, inbox dollars,solitaire cube, etc.
so what you waiting for, join the train sweetheart, tech is the new school!!

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