Been finding it pretty tough getting the most legit apps for earning cool cash on the internet? Hubbo!! We just made ya a list of 3 paying legit online money making apps you should get on up your devices from playstores and earn you a few bucks.
Welcome to ogareview, and no, you ain’t just on this webpage by some error ..trust us to got your back on reviews of online products and services sweetheart, so shall we? Strap your seatbelts and prepare for the take off !


yes hun. To be honest, possible ain’t even the most suitable word for the chances of making extra bucks on the web and its stores.
The jet age offers a whole bunch of making money, from affiliate marketing,to freelancing, blogging, cryptocurrency and the digital currencies on the whole, e commerce ..the list could just keep going on and on.
But if I’m being truthful, the web offers a more expanse opportunity of earning higher with a awesome amount of frequency too, to homies ready (financially and emotionally) to invest in it.
So if you ain’t got a bunch of honest bucks you could spare,well don’t be dismayed sweetheart. You can still earn comfortably online, and that’s why we made you a rigorously handpicked lil list of apps for making money that you should try out, and trust me…they’re 100% legit, not shams and not a waste of your leisure /work time.
So without much further ado..


TOLOkA remains one of the top ways to earn money online.

this legit app, was Founded by yandex in 2014. the crowdsourcing platform lets you earn by giving you tasks to complete and get a top up to your TOLOkA cash portfolio by completing them.

Toloka remains on of the biggest survey sites out there. Toloka review by ogareview.com
Users can interface on the app via mobile devices, or personal computers.
There are also a couple other method to boost ones earning on the app, namely ; pool, tasks, tasks suite.
Tasks include (but not limited to) watching videos online, playing a couple games, building active communities on the platform , making posts that gain high engagements from TOLOkA users, etc.
Users are also provided with a profile upon registration and a dashboard for self control’s of one’s section of the app.
Payment on the app is mainly via payoneer, once the user has reached his withdrawal minimum ($20), and has also linked the app’s withdrawal to payoneer’s payment system.

Learn more about Toloka or Download the app Here . I wish you the best with a lil touch of patience, as in everything…


You’ve probably heard about this app a couple time , haven’t you? Well my bad if you haven’t.

Survey junkie..the biggest survey sites legit online cash making app

I felt apt to assume you had due to its popularity on the web, it’s got a whole lotta people talking bout it. With a medium to em Online money making apps in 2022.


And well, not just talking about it. I’ve got a couple, or say, a bunch of friends with this app on their devices and guess what ? This homies been making quite a cool amount , considering the less work required.
You really shouldn’t sleep on this hun.


How it works ?
Well, the name already’s unmystified nearly everything I need to say bout the basics so I’d just delve in to how it works.
Survey junkie is one of the most reputable online market research community
, aimed at hitting costumers satisfaction for every producer out there.
So the trick’s simple. They pay eligible users some handsome bucks for a survey of a particular niche or how a product is selling off in a province/state/ country.
Also, they get for this producers, useful bits of information based on review feedbacks from eligible surveyors for a particular product, on how to reshape the sell out or product to meet costumer’s satisfaction .

Like I said earlier, survey junkie is one the legit paying apps out here  with over 11 million users and they ain’t looking like they going down anytime soon, so hun. You can put a couple of eggs in that basket.

Cashout limit? You’ll need a total of 1,000 survey junkie points to withdraw, each point is basically $0.01, thus amount in to $10 dollars. Payments can be made by survey junkie via cash app, flutterwave or payoneer.


No 1 legit online money making apps.ibotta
toloka on ogareview

we all make purchases online, don’t we?? So what bout making some cool cash while on your normal daily or parodic purchases? Now that’s where Ibotta comes in, as the professor would say , smiles.

How it works? Well ibbota offers cash backs to its users, when they make purchases on the favorites stores via the app.

You probably wondering “what’s in for the platform designers??”Well the thing is,they get to monitor your shopping habits, which in tif helps them choose the right ads and pop ups for you.

Also the app owners gets paid by these products owners for being what you’d call a side incentive, and in turn the platform splits the spoils with its users. Now that sounds really cool to me. Ain’t it tommy ??

Other best apps to make money fast includes swagbucks, fiverr, taskrabitts, rakuten rewards etc.

Watch out for shams though folks, when checking out other legit online money making apps and platforms out there.

you can also check out our list of 10 PayPal games that pays real money HERE.
enjoy fun time, tech is the new school!!

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