4 Best Florida Lottery App For Android

Florida state’s lottery remains one of the thriving, largest daily large cash bags earning sector of its GDP,with the Florida citizens quite notorious for playing the lotto.And Most often in large scales. There are Various lottery apps available for Floridians, on the Internet, chunks of which are made for iOS devices. But well, not everyone is a fan of the apple company right? Thats, if you’re keeping the cost-factor aside. So what lotto applications are available for android users? I just made you a compilation of 4 most trusted and Effecient Florida lottery apps for android.

And, you can trust my judgement when I say they’re the best available on the online space. Now your ears are all itchy right? Without much ado, here we go…


You pretty had an inkling this will top the list right? Well it did.

The Florida lottery is the mobile application of the government owned lottery company of the Florida state. The Flalottery app is available for both android and apple users, the former can be downloaded on google play store.

The Florida lottery app for android was programmed for a top notch user interface and with amazing user experience.

Florida lottery app for android

With loads of available Lottos and opt ins on the application, one would be pretty surprised that it barely ever hangs. Well, except there’s a shortage of Internet supply from a user’s demography.

What else? You could play a lot of free win-thrill giving lotto games on the app, and also check out results from real tickets Bought from retail stores, as you would on their official website, Flalottery.

Lastly, bugs on the app are checked and fixed on a weekly note, thus keeping it at the most user friendly-level.

2. Thelotter

Thelotter app for android: number 2 on florida lottery app for android

Ever thought of playing thrilling Lottos and earning real bucks on an app? This where thelotter app comes to fantasy’s rescue.

Arguably one of the best lottery apps available for Floridians, the mobile application let’s you Compare your numbers with the latest draw results, provides you an option of signing up for your ticket’s outcome alert And also gives a user a more easier access to the lottery games they’re interested in playing.

How to download thelotters lottery app (a florida lottery app for android)

1. Click here to download thelotters APK App.

Note that: this file type enables the download/quick installation of APK files not available on google play store.

2. You will get a warning message about downloading files only from trusted sources. Now this is where you have to trust me. Thelotter android app is Pretty safe, trustworthy and secure for users. You can go ahead to continue download or grant the apk file permission (for somedevices).

3. Once you’re done downloading, click on the “install” option

4.unable to get the install button on your android device ? You can find the mobile application by checking on your Chrome’s notification on the top drag of your phone or simply navigate to downloads by clicking the three dots located at the edge of the top right corner of your chrome browser.


One more thing, thelotter’s android app has a pretty cool users interface. I really think it will do a lotta good to check it out.

3.Cash For Life (cash4life)

Our third choice for florida lottery app for android is the popular cash4life.

Cash4life is an American regional and multi-jurisdictional Lotto game. Drawn nightly, it is offered by 11 states of the USA.

Each game goes for $2 Per draw.Players get to Pick 5 white balls number ranging between 1-60 In the main field.

In the second field, they pick a single ball from 1-4. the second field is known as the “green cash ball”.

There is also an option to let the terminal automatically select the needed numbers from the two fields.

Matching all five balls in the first Field makes you a winner.

Cash4life :florida lottery app for android

The winner gets an option of a $1000 per-day for life or an instant cash of $7,000,00 at their choice’s disposal.

The Second prize could have multiple winners With a split share of $1000 per week or an instant payment of $1000,000.

The new jersey regulation on lotteries now requires a player(s) to choose either the cash or annuity option when playing.

For cash4life, the overall odd of winning is 1:7.76 While the prize pool is 55% of sales.

Other frequently asked Questions.

1. What time is cash for life drawing in NJ?


In new jersey, cash4life drawings are held on Monday and Thursdays at approximately 10:59 p.m. while mega millions Draws are held on Tuesday and Fridays by same time as the former.

Laatly, powerball draws gets held Every Wednesdays and fridags by 10:59p.m, too.


2. Is cash4life really for life ?

Comparatively, yes. 

Winners of either ‘ lifetime ’ Can chose an option for instant cash or a daily pay out. 

The rules also varies for each cash4life member. For example, a member from Florida who requested for instant cash must redeem/claim within 60 days from the draw date.


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