Ibotta App Review: Earn Money Making Online Purchases

Ibotta app review 2022: legit? Paying?? Worth it?OK let me guess. You’re on this webpage because you want to have an extensive knowledge of how ibotta works, legit or not, method of payment, etc..right? Holla !! You’re on the right page hun. I’d be making an extensive ibotta app review as well as answering frequently asked questions about the cash back app and its extension.

Ibotta app review

Before I kick off into my reasonable rant, I would like to clarify a popular but wrong perception. Most folks out there assume ibotta to be a paid-survey app. This is a lot far from the truth. So..


Ibotta is an america-founded technology company that gives cash backs to its users on purchase at online stores from manufactuing companies that affiliates with ibotta.

ibotta acts as an advertiser for these company for a fee, and splits this revenue with purchasing users of the app. So when a user buys from an ibotta-affiliated store, they get cashbacks on A completed carting and payment.

Their partners includes retail chains, Movie theaters, pet stores, restaurants etc.

The ibotta extension works for search browsers. When a user is done linking the extension on their ibotta account, the extension window pops up anytime they log into any supported website, and hence earn cashbacks on completing purchases from the website.

So, you’re always browsing the net for new tech products? Home appliances ? Trying to purchase your favorite video game strappings or maybe, a nice sport car?

What if you could earn some cool cash doing this ? We are in a fast growing tech age and well, everything’s going online and apps like ibotta gives you an opportunity to make money doing thesame things you do often- making purchases.

 Is ibotta trustworthy??

The second most asked question on the ibotta app review and, Yeah, they’re 100% legitimate. Like I earlier noted, the company makes their money by commission for every purchase made through the app.

Ibotta app review on ogareview

Also, the app has been here for a couple of years now, paying, uptight and doesn’t looks like they’d be going down anytime soon.

Founded in 2012, the company has paid so far, over 30 million users in an estimated total of $1 billion dollars of cash rewards.

How do you get paid ??Well here Is simply how ibotta works.

Once done registering an account (for the app users) You’ll be able to locate retailers closest to your location, shop with them and get your cashbacks.(ibotta app review)

For web users, the extension pops up whenever you visit a store affiliated with ibotta, complete a purchase and then get cashbacks as reward.

Ibotta withdrawal limit/method of payout

The withdrawal minimum is a quite fair.Once a users rewards tops to $20 dollar on their portfolio, they become eligible to cash it out. 

Why its fair ?? Well ibotta gives a $15-$20 payment to newly registered users of the app. This plus a couple of purchases is sure to guarantee a user’s withdrawal within a week or two. This though, heavily depends on the users online purchasing power.


ibotta app review, personally It’s a good to go for me. I shop online often and well, these cash backs come handy to me. So I’d recommend it, giving it a 4/5 rating.


Note that the ibotta app do no request payment when registering on the platform.

Any payment request simply implies that you’re on the wrong website or having the wrong app. Register Here on ibotta and start earning cashbacks sweet, tech is the new school..!!


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