So yesterday, On this popular question and answer platform, quora, I saw a particular question that picked my curiosity. This dude was like “ is paidviewpoint legit “??. .

and answers rolling in weren’t so convincing. I replied to his satisfaction and also decided to write an article on it.

Paidviewpoint review on ogareview

Like you probably know, and my bad if you don’t,paidviewpoint is a long time established and still functioning website which pays you for answering surveys occasionally.

On quora, there were several other questions like “how does it works?” “How much is the cashout limit ?” “What is the payment method ?” …I will be taking all these questions to the lowest breakdown within my ability and experience of the platform.

Meanwhile , welcome to ogareview, My name is Chisom amadi, an author on this webpage you’re on, and you?? Smiles.

Let’s get down to business. First question I will be tackling is :


paidviewpoint is a legit pay-to-platform that pays users to take surveys. One unique thing about the platform is the fact that unlike most survey sites out there, paidviewpoint do not cancel your eligibility during surveys.

Anyone who’s well versed in making surveys for some bucks of cash must have encountered a couple or more platforms that do that, and i must say, it’s usually a painful/ frustrating experience.

Still on how it works. The platform gets paid to share survey questions by marketers/producers about a particular product, what they think of it, how well it’s doing in their city, etc..

On the producers side, it helps them to determine what they doing wrong and how well to improve or spice up the product functions to best suit the consumers.

So it’s quite very important for users to answer those questions honestly, and to their best of knowledge.
It’s also quite important that I should say ‘market research survey` is not the only type of survey carried out on paidviewpoint, but it’s one of, if not the most paying.

Each market survey is quite different, and a whole lot of them takes less than 5-7 minutes to be done with, and also the pay for each survey ranges between $0.25 and $1.20.
Like I noted earlier, paidviewpoint will not disqualify you in the middle of a survey, and trust me that’s one nice trait not a lot of survey platforms are known for.

Also, you don’t have to keep trying to qualify for a survey. The questions you were asked after signing up on the site is the basis of the survey types that will be presented to you.
So all you have to do is answer them and get paid.
Ps: note that this is not a sponsored paidviewpoint review. I am not getting paid by the platform for this. So the next question on my list is :


yes sweetheart, paidviewpoint is legit, on a scale of 10/10. It does not belong to the clumsy pack of sham, time wasting survey sites.

The site has been running for quite a number of years now, upfront also.
But to be honest with you, you will not earn a lot of money using this if your plan is becoming a millionaire by taking surveys, count this out. But of course, you can make it a leisure day work, but it shouldn’t even be on your top list of making money online hun, you might get frustrated with The Whole thing .

Also on their legitimacy, it’s parent company umongous, LLC. had a few years back received quite a decent B- rating from the international Better Business Bureau .

They are also listed on ask your target market, the AYTM, which is one of the most trusted and respected market research platform, home to top companies like Samsung and Nike.

Also, the platform allows referrals too, and a user who gets one referred earns 20% of what his/ her referrals cash out every time.

There is also a $1 signup bonus and earning by completing trait surveys too.


All withdrawal/ cashout payments on paidviewpoint is mainly via PayPal or PayPal’s virtual incentive.

At the moment, PayPal permits transactions in over 230 countries in the world and the list is still updating.
And even if your country’s ‘not so luckily` on this list, you can still be a user on
Paidviewpoint legit, take surveys till cash out limit is reached, with an option of a friend, family or trusted personal who’s country is eligible for PayPal payment.


Paidviewpoint is it legit?? Find out on ogareview

required cash withdrawal threshold on the platform is $15 USD.
While making surveys on paidviewpoint, the withdrawal button remains inactivated till your earning reaches the cash out limit, and the button gets clickable.

After clicking “cash-out”, your requests get processed and your funds show up in your PayPal account within 72 hrs. Payments are not limited to working days.


well well, not so fast honey. Let me talk bout my personal experience using the platform.
December 2019, I had stumbled on the platform while making an all-night research on paying survey sites, nerdy me.

I took no time to sign up, having seen some nice reviews about them.
I was hoping to make a lotta cash on the app, and already dreaming of making purchase of ps4.

Well, needless to say, I was disappointed man. Like all other survey sites out there, paidviewpoint doesn’t make you a millionaire, not in five years.

I’m not trying to downgrade the platform, there’s nothing wrong in their Payments, what was wrong was my mindset and expectations which is quite common to most newbies on making money with Pay-to-do sites.
Edging back to the point, paidviewpoint pays per hour. $4 per hour, it’s said.

Not bad you might be thinking, but the thing is, this hour might come in a couple of days, weeks even.
Remember I said you don’t qualify for surveys on the site.

They chose one which is most suitable to your demography, send it to you to run the survey and get paid.
In my case, I got my first survey they next day after I had signed up.

Is paidviewpoint legit?

Completed it (they were two) and earned $3.40, quite a decent amount for just answering questions. This’s going well,I had said to my self. Already having a mental picture of my ps4 In my little tidy room.

Poor me, I kept checking for an email for survey the next day, then the next, till a whole week ran out.
If I remember properly, the invitation email to complete a survey came in on the 8th day after my first.
This experience of mine, is on no way a yardstick for how much earning one can make on paidviewpoint legit.
Also my demography might have been another factor in the low invitation requests, I can’t be so sure though.
In conclusion, the platform is said to pay $4 per hour, but who can be so sure?? You will never know if you don’t click the signup button.

Experience,the best teacher they say. Lastly on paidviewpoint review.



Yeah, the site also has an apk with quite a good user interface.

There are people out there who have what I’d call a little allergy for that internet ad would rather prefer signing up/ taking surveys from the app.
Download paidviewpoint apk on

On a final note, I I’d give them a 3 star out of 5, since they rank 33rd amongst top work at home sites in the world.
So sign up if you wish sweet, and keep winning. Tech is the new school !!

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