Survey Junkie Review 2022 : Earn Money Taking Surveys

Survey junkie huh ?? Well luckily the platform is quite the opposite of the impression it gives your mental.. Did I say welcome?? Oh my bad, I didn’t. So well, welcome to ogareview and I’d be making a viable Take on survey junkie review today.


I will assume you’re on a search for more information about the paid survey app.

Is it legit? Does it pays ? What’s the payment method..and the list of inquisites could keep going on and on.

How to earn on survey junkie
ogareview survey junkie


And so yeah, I will be taking punches at loads of the most popularly asked questions about survey junkie. Getting itchy ears (eyes) already ?? Strap your seatbelt and prepare for the take off!!…so


1. What is survey junkie??


Survey junkie is an online platform that pays you for taking digital surveys / giving your opinion about a product. After earning points to the minimum withdraw rates, this points are converted to cash and can be withdrawn via gift cards, paypal accountsor other various online payment couriers.


2. IS Survey junkie legit??


I will assume this the most foremost question on any beginners mind.

Not the pay’s Range. Not the payment method.


So yeah sweetheart, survey junkie is legit. The platform has been around for a while now and ain’t looking like its going into oblivion anytime soon. So you can be rest assured, you ain’t going to visit the web and find a 404 error on it.


3. Earning Range.

How fast does one earn on survey junkie ??

Well this depends more on your demography.

Survey junkie review and payment method

When you’re done registering, the app loads a profile survey for your personals. That is, you get asked a couple of questions about your age, country, products you’re familar with etc..

This helps the platform in choosing suitable surveys for your caliber.

For example, an 18 year old is presumed to know more about the lates mobile devices than a 60 year old. Thus compatibilty in suggested surveys.


So yeah, earning rate right?

Let me go personal. I registered on junkie in 2019. I had just finished high school, bored and broke at home and nerd me, I made my research on paying survey platforms and registered on survey junkie.

On my first day, I spent about 7 hours on the app And out of about 50 surveys, I got qualified for only 8. That’s some 18% success rate if I took my high school mathematics serious, lol. (survey junkie review)

Well, living in a sub-urban was one of the factors that affected the amount of survey I could get qualified to take. 

One good thing Is that even though you get disqualified for a particular survey, survey junkie gifts you three points for trying. And there’s no limits to your trying or the consolation points…ain’t that just wow?!…


Just one sad thing though. And that is, If a disqualification comes from the fact that aa third party website you were referred to malfunctioned or You get left out of a survey because it had reached its limit for surveyors, The platform wouldn’t consider that as a disqualification, and so no points for you..


So with a good tech age grade and some commitment of leisure time on the app, one should be able to earn between 5-$7 in 4 hours on the platform.


Like I noted earlier, survey platform ain’t created to make you a millionaire. But if you’ve got some spare time to while away, it’d be cool using them to earn you some nice bucks for your Netflix subscription or a box of pizza.


Survey junkie market place has a great user interface and also third parties survey questions are usually curt and forward.


Lest I forget though, I wouldn’t advice you to use your official/business email account to register for an account on survey junkie.


You wouldn’t like your mail box looking untidy and clustered with incessant mails and survey suggestions, getting important mails hidden in the mess, now would you?? Lastly…


4. Survey junkie payment methods

How to earn on survey junkie- ogareview

The platform pays mainly via paypal.

But for users from paypal restricted countries, one can make withdrawal / get paid in form of gift cards of top retailers like the Starbucks or amazon gift card.

But if your country is paypal enabled, I’d suggest you use the platform as Paypal I quite easy to use- both for sending and receiving money. (Survey junkie review)

5. My verdict .

Well on a personal note, i think survey junkie I worth use of a couple of spare hours. IT IS NO WASTE OF TIME. Also, there are no payments required for registration. Survey junkie is not a sham!

The Nice user interface makes also makes the app easy to navigate.

Download Survey junkie MOBILE APP HERE and start taking surveys today!.

Tech is the new school….!!





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