Top 3 Florida Lottery Apps In 2022

The Lottery gaming industry (Lottos) has been a big money milking sector since the Victorian age. Through decades It has metamorphosise from the physical bets into the online lottery placing and predictions, in this jet age. Florida lottery app?? We just made you a list of the best know three.

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So, are you in florida and a fan of lottery? You probably have been missing out on your chance to have fun and make bulks of money, too.

One of the easy-going way to make cash in Florida is by playing the lotto.

Well, I pretty understand that with so much games available, different modes of playing and Huge mouth watering opportunities to earn big, this can be overwhelming at times.

And hubbo! Thats where lottery apps come to the rescue.

Their importance stretch from Helping you get your results at hand and on time, to Increasing your odd at winning mega millions from a lotto, and keeping your tickets secure, too.

With this florida lottery apps, you can fix games on your mobile devices, as well as Play entertaining free games that gives you the thrilling winner-feelings without you having to spend real money to play them.

Oh, one more thing sweet. These apps also offers alternative scratch offs which are also pretty entertaining. 

And what’s more? You get to make real cash and real money, is real thrilll.

So while waiting for results from your actual lotto tickets, you can earn you some good bucks in the meanwhile.

Florida state is known for its big input into the lottery sector, with top notch participation from citizens who care to make extra bucks from betting. Fact Is, Florida came off as third state with the biggest lottery revenue in 2012, with $4.45 billion. So care to give a try for your extra pennies ? Here are three florida lottery apps I’d recommend.


The Flalottery is the government owned – lottery app/operation of the USA’s Florida state. Founded in january 1998 with john F. Davis as its secretary, the lottery placeholder is the biggest lottery operation In Florida, exclusively for citizens of the state.

Florida lottery app .

The Flalottery headquarters is located in Tallahassee, florida, united states and its official website “ FLALOTTERY.COM”.

As of February 2022, The lottery app offers 11 mouth watering terminal-generated games ;

Cash pop, jackpot triple play, pick 4, pick 2, pick 3, Power ball, mega millions, cash4life, Florida lotto, pick 5 and fantasy 5.

What are the odds of winning ??

On Flalottery, the odds of winning a jackpot are – 1:302,575,350 and estimated price to a winner is stipulated about over 30 grafuated annual payments.

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According to lottonumbers, Most drawn big wins falls around the number 2,17, 31, 4 , 36 and 39. While the most common mega ball digit is the number 3. Download the Flalottery app on google play store by clicking HERE

2 Fantasy 5

Any two-year lottery active citizen of florida would have probably heard of this lottery application and play listing. It comes second on our list the top three florida lottery apps. Just hearing of ’em though??

Fantasy 5 on Flalottery, one of the biggest Florida lottery app

Fantasy 5 Is a section under the Flalottery.

Ever had a fantasy dream about what you could do with a cash win of $200,000?

Well, with Fantasy 5, you can! A beautiful thing about this lotto is, If there happens to be no top-prize winner, The win. Automatically rolls down to the 4-5 or 3-5 Prize level.

On fantasy 5, you could be a winner for just matching two numbers.

Also Tickets price is affordable, a dollar ($1) per day.

How to play on this Florida lottery app? 

Foremost, pick a fantasy 5 payslip at any authorized Florida lottery Retailer.

There are 10 panels contained In each pay slip. So, for each panel played :

1. Select 5 digits ranging in between 1-36, or you can click on the quick pick box. By doing this, the computer randomly select the 5 numbers for you.

2. To win instant cash, select the “EZMATCH” box In a panel for a one dollar more per play.

3. To play same numbers selected for more than one draw, simply tell the retail attendant you wish to Play advance draws, and the number of time you want same numbers selected.

Or, Select the number of repeated plays on the advance draw.

4. Lastly, give your Completed payments and The pay slip to the Retail attendant.

He/she in turn, gives you a Printed ticket with the details of Your selected numbers, number of draw(s) Draw dates, and The total cost of your tickets.

Don’t forget to make a quick look on your ticket to determine the accuracy of the details on it. You are responsible for the accuracy.

5. Check if your ticket sailed through and made you a winner. Draw results are available on

Note: all prizes Must be claimed within 180 days of the applicable draw date. 

3. Lucky Day Lotto

Lucky day is an Illinois-state generated Jackpot with only two draws per day, for each seven days of the week.

The starting amount of the lucky day lotto is $100,000 and the lottery offers exciting odds which you cannot afford not to take a grab at.

How does the lucky day lotto works??

players who matched 2 out of the five given numbers gets to earn a dollar.

Daily lucky draw on florida lottery app review

For players who successfully matched 3 out of the five numbers, the pay out is $15.

For players lucky enough to match 4 of 5 numbers, they get to Be paid $200 and lastly, players who matches all five numbers splits a Parimutuel jackpot which starts at a $100,000 as stated earlier. Got interest in them? Download the android app today on google play store

Frequently asked questions and answers

1. How much does 4 Numbers pay In the Florida Lotto??

Players who gets to match 4 winning numbers accurately in the draw Could win up to $5,000. This depends on the type of ticket bought by the player and card played. Card type available includes Mid pair, front pair and back pair. Matching only two numbers can get a player a win amount upto $50.

2. Can I Play FL Lottery Online??

Sorry, but no you can’t. Online purchases ain’t Available for the Florida lottery tickets.

Intended buyers will have to visit Any authorized lottery Retailers and get the tickets themselves.

3. How can i Check My florida lottery win?

To check if your ticket scaled through and you got a win, You can use your draw ticket to check.

Also, In addition to drawings, you can find the winning numbers on

The hotline To check wins is (850)921-PLAY

This brings an end to this article on Florida lottery app(s). Found it informative? Glad you did. So why not book a ticket today?

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