still sleeping on the reality of making money online?? You shouldn’t sweetheart! Tech is the new school for every phase of life, earning cool bucks not left out. We made you a list of some trusted online money making sites / platforms you should try keying into this 2022.

We all know of thredup right? Where we can sell out our fairly used clothes and earn some nice bucks.
No we don’t ?? Uhhhh…you should hun, and I’m about to put you on a plane of self reliance and knowledge boost for earning dollars online. Strap on your seatbelts and get ready for the takeoff!!

Make money selling things online. You probably thinking “oh I have to be a digital marketer “ “I need to buy some affiliate course online “ “ I will need a …”
What if I tell you you can make money by literally selling things you own online ? I mean, stuffs ranging from home gadgets, house attires, kitchen utensils to name a few.

$100- $2000 monthly on these trusted online money making sites

And trust me, you can earn real money (although not a million dollar) but quite a fair amount of bucks by selling this stuffs off…

so without much ado, let the list run out


Thredup , one of the best online selling platform to make money in 2022

want to get rid of some fairly used clothes? Probably no longer fits in? Lost your novelty for it? Well thredup gives you an opportunity to ‘gainfully get rid ‘ of this attires.

Yeah! No bluffs sweet. All you have to do is going through a couple of steps simple enough for even beginners to get accustomed to.

-ordering for your package kit
-placing your selected sell out products in it
-send in your back to thredup and wait for it’s processing
-when processed, you wait for your items to go through bidding window
-monitor your item’s sale
-get your payout

And hubbo !! It’s so that simple . Even if you just want to give out those clothes away for free, maybe a particular set of items you don’t care about making money from, the platform provides such options .

They give $5 to a partner charity for every bag you donate, as well as a donation tax receipt for each bag.
Sad thing bout thredup is, stuffs sent for sale are strictly feminine. Although men’s clothes can be given as donations.

The prons? Thredup takes care of photography, listing and also pricing of the items sent in, and if your clothes are still in awesome condition or the new vogue,the platform pays you for it on an instant, i.e even before sellout.

Sign up for thredup here. Kudos to your new founded cash funnel!


who ever pays someone to answer questions? Well askwonder does!
Ask wonder is a research survey kind of platform where researchers can work for people or organizations needing help in solving specific issues/ tasks.

Although unlike many other websites that pay you for giving advice on a broader note, ask wonder covers ordinate research topics so therefore, satisfaction relies on experts getting the work done.

So if you’re a nerdy brain bubbling teenager or adult, with a thing for research, well this for you.

We all probably did researches as high school students and even at colleges, so why not earn a decent cash for it?
Also the platform is easy-to-go-round even for ask wonder amateurs, so you’d be fine pulling through the process on you own.

Sign up for askwonder today .


Trusted online money making sites- taskrabbit

no we all know that rabbits are quite squeaky and say…nerdy right ?
So why not make money rabbiting ? You can earn quite an amount of cash, ranging from $100-$500 depending on your work rate.

Also taskrabbits offers you very odd jobs, sometimes so simple you might probably laugh out loud. Hehe.
How it works?


Well taskrabbit is an online platform that provides a place to start an engaging business. In a nutshell, the site connects services providers to service requests similar to what these providers offer, and for a decent amount of pay.

‘Taskers ‘ are laid without delay via stripes.
Tasks on taskrabibits ranges from big projects as landscaping, coding, web development to odd jobs as hanging a picture or recording adlibs for a music artiste. Now that’s odd, haha.
Sweet thing bout the platform is, the engagement be top notch and there are always people willling to pay you to get their tasks done waiting in line.
Also, work payments are priced per hour, and trust me, most jobs gon get you more than $20 for each .

Makes you feel like a boss right? Become a tasker today by simply clickingchere.


Gazelle is a big time company and 100% legit.
There are tons of articles about them online, screaming their goodness .
I (the writer) had used the platform about last year and I must give them a thumbs up.


Gazelle on ogareview

How does gazelle works?
They help you sell stuffs, mostly tech related items like iPhones, laptops, IOS devices, etc…
When you contact the platform, they website immediately dispatches packaging materials with postage for picking up,let’s say your hp laptop you intend to put on sale.

Your stuffs gets inspected when it reaches the company’s base and if it’s good to go for their liking, you get paid.
It falls sort expectation?they can adjust their offer to you. And if you ain’t ok with the new deal, your item will be shipped back to you at no expense of yours.
So …it’s a win win deal for you.


Swap.com one of the trusted money making sites

Do you know you could earn bucks on swap.com?
Also you can literally ‘swap’ your personal belongings of value for other items on their online stores.
So swap’s basically a consignment/ thrift store, on sale of quite good and inexpensive stuffs you could shop online and get it shipped to you.
Swap.com also takes care of the portage in, photography, cataloguing of items brought into the stores, so y’all less stress mode.
So if you don’t care much about buying old/ used stuffs, you can still sell yours and get paid by swap.
Simply signup, send in your items and wait for listing, items sale and cashout.

Payments are made basically in two ways,
Store credit payments by which the cash gets paid instantly to online money receiving platforms like PayPal, cash app etc OR

Electronic payments to the users preferred choice of banks . Payments through this means arrives in approximately three business days after payouts processing’s have been concluded.

Other platforms you can make money online by selling items include the popular Facebook community, ecwid, eBay Etsy..
So Focus on wins this year hun, tech is the new school!!

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