Yandex Toloka Review: Get paid For Completing Tasks

About a week ago, I was having a discussion with a fellow quora user and well, he was giving me a personal yandex toloka review, I.e telling me about  the toloka platform. About it being a pain survey platform, and so on. Honestly, I nad not the faintest idea about toloka, so nerd me, I did my research.

Guess what I found out? I don’t think your guess is good as mine though, smiles.

Is toloka a paid survey app ?? No !! I guess my quora friend might have been misinformed, although he wrote convincingly. So yeah, I decided to make a toloka review for y’all.

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What is yandex toloka ? Method of earning?? withdrawal method on toloka?? etc.

I’d be answering a couple of frequently questions about the 2022 paying platform.

So get your seatbelts strapped tightly and prepare for takeoff into a world of discovery..!


1. What Is Yandex Toloka

Toloka is a platform where users gets paid for Performing quite simple tasks that computers Have a hard time coping with.

Such tricky tasks includes comparing Images, the checking of a search results, or determining a product Category to be sifted in.

Other tasks includes Affirming the accuracy of a map from your home or Evaluating the contents of a web page online. Luckily, tasks on toloka do not require some kind of special skills in order for one to qualify for them.

Yandex toloka review

2. Is toloka Legit?

Yeah, it is. Although earning on the platform is quite slow and sometimes frustrating, toloka actually pays once a user has reached the edge up for payment.

Also, the platform has been around for a while, with registered users increasing on a daily. So yeah, toloka is legit and there’s no doubt on that.


3. Earning Rate

The third thing I’d be talking of on this toloka review is the rate of earning on the platform.


The average pay rate ranges between $0.10 (10 cents) to a dollar.

But luckily, a user can Push up his/her earning rate (maximising) by Working on a higher ratings.

Yandex toloka review. Does toloka really pays?

They can do this by taking and completing as much tasks as you can on a daily, this attains the User a topping rating which grows with the user’s consistency in completing those tasks.

Thus, users with a higher ratings are paid more for same tasks.

Do also note that a task dumped at halfway is not counted, and no earning will be added to your portfolio.


On an avarage, A user spends about 20-30 minutes competing a task And earning between $0.3 to $1.

But sometimes, a task-completing time might linger to 40 minutes or an hour and that honestly, makes the earning not really worth it.


4. Toloka’s withdrawal threshold/method

Toloka review: is yandex toloka legot or not ?

Once a user have reached threshold, they can withdraw their earnings using skrill, payoneer or Even yoomoney.

The withdrawal threshold on toloka is $20.

For a user who spends an average of 5 hours completing tasks, they are speculated to withdraw atleast once in a week. That is, if they successfully completed lots of tasks between that time frame. (Toloka review)

5. My Verdict On toloka

I would say toloka is quite an average paying app.

Also, there are Listed cases of unadded points even after a take was completed, by users.


The earning rate is too sluggish for my liking.I’d prefer survey junkie anyday . I give the yandex toloka app a 3/5 rating in all honesty.

Anyways there’s no harm in trying, and if you wish to, download the yandex toloka app HERE on google play store amd explore, tech is the new school..!!



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